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MACS3 - Modern Art Color Study 3 - Cloth

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As a celebration of the 250th numbered collection in this gallery, this is the third Modern Art Color Study collection, succeeding MACS and MACS2. As before, all works in this collection are derived from the same, singluar monitor, and each one was carefully modified using various color filters to reach a specific impression. The theme this time around is cloth and gemstones, a contradiction between soft and hard as befits the various areas of these works: the solid lower-left against the smooth lower-right, a spear striking inwards to separate the two. Roughly, the color of the work will correspond with the gemstone for which it is named. As before, I won't be describing any of these works individually, as there isn't enough thematic variance for it to be useful - better to examine them and take from them what you find personally meaningful. However, I will note the 'original' works here: Cloth in Emerald and Cloth in Ruby. Each other work in this color study is a modified version of one or the other - if you're particularly ambitious, you can overlay works on top of each other to find out which is which, as those two works do not overlap each other perfectly (they were captured from very slightly different angles). Overall, the Modern Art Color Studies are some of the purest examples of what this gallery is trying to accomplish - an experiment in the agency and creativity I can access in the creation of modern art. Please enjoy!

Cloth in Amethyst

Cloth in Aquamarine

Cloth in Citrine

Cloth in Diamond

Cloth in Emerald

Cloth in Garnet

Cloth in Jade

Cloth in Jasper

Cloth in Lapis Lazuli

Cloth in Onyx

Cloth in Pearl

Cloth in Peridot

Cloth in Quartz

Cloth in Ruby

Cloth in Sapphire

Cloth in Topaz

Cloth in Tourmaline

Cloth in Zircon