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EIPA - Emotional Impressions Pixel Art

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Starting off, the work that mainly inspires this collection's title is Melancholy Ignorance, which portrays a couple of fingers in the foreground, dripping some sort of purple slime onto a desaturated peach background. In the background, down below, hints of activity, solid areas, life, is visible, but the figure seems unaware. As for why, its color scheme attempts to cite melancholy as the reason, which adds a contrast with the work's background. Single Brushstroke of Cells is fairly subtle, a consistent pinkish background and a blue streak, stronger at the right side where it follows its handle, and weaker at the left, where its trail is drawn. Like many works of pixel art, looking at this work from afar can be more illuminating than examining it up close. Detailed Tapestry is of odd dimensions, many times wider than it is tall. Its image, however, is nuanced and boreder with a solid, continuous, strong black line, despite the inconsistent, bubbly interior of the structure. The background is bluish and indistinct, contrasting the foreground and making it pop out. Oasis City is straightforward as pixel art goes, a combination of blue pixels representing water and black pixels representing structures, all on a tan background. No part of the image is really ephemereal, as a mirage might be expected to be, but neither are the city and oasis entirely distinct or realistic. And finally of note, Complex Tree is well-defined and intricate, with fruit blooming at the end of its many branches. It floats in an indistinct sea, no trunk in sight. As is the best pixel art, this work is very precise and meaningful, yet mysterious and sinister. Please enjoy!

Complex Tree

Detailed Tapestry

Feeble Arrow

Lookout Aerofort

Melancholy Ignorance

Narrow Uprising

Oasis City

Sassy Lanky Person

Single Brushstroke of Cells