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MAPP - Modern Art Protecting Possessions

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The title of this collection refers to either the act of protection, or the possessions that do the protecting; each work attempts to link to one of those two meanings, at least. Starting off, Shoddy Handwave is the furthest from this theme, portraying the bare minimum amount of effort required to pay proper notice. The atmosphere of the background, colored like dark tarnished gold and textured roughly, helps to solidify the feelings associated with the actions of the hand in the foreground. Waist-High Barrier is somewhat better, though it still only puts only a little effort forwards to protect. On a compositional level, the work is effective, with contrasting colors and textures. But thematically, a waist-high barrier is not an especially effective tool. Jell Blade portrays a weapon, used for protection. Specifically, the weapon is on the bottom half of the image. What exactly the top is is not made entirely clear; a trainer, perhaps, holding out a target for the blade. Or, a target itself, attempting to steal a possession and about to be attacked. Resolute Guard Tower is simplistic but effective; a dark, tall tower with a menacing eye at the top, staring out into a dark red landscape. Watching for any threats that may at some point appear, ready to react quickly. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Blunt Vest, a work that emphasizes soft contours and shading rather than cracks and borders; the pattern of light outlines a vest and its straps, for protecting from threats. Please enjoy!

Blunt Vest

Container Opener

Deep Bag

Jell Blade

Leaving Behind a Barrier

Resolute Guard Tower

Shoddy Handwave

Waist-High Barrier