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MAES - Modern Art Environmental Situations

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This collection focuses on the external, on environments and landscapes rather than on specific subjects. What makes it unique from other such collections is that it also focuses on the changes in those environemnts: environments in situations. Starting off, Far-Off Supernova is straightforward and effective, a multitude of straight and jagged lines shooting out from a specific point, radiating outwards. The inky blackness surrounding the central supernova has flecks to represent stars, and towards the work's edges the work fades into color in order to emphasize the central blackness so that it can properly contrast with the white supernova in the center. Heat, Hills, and Horizons uses both a somewhat uncommon shade of orange in its background, and a rough, faintly-gridded texture to emphasize the heat that is referred to by the work's title. The foreground's contours represent the hills, and the white area just above them stretches to the work's horizon. Floating Through Transition combines very slight ripple waves with horizontal pulse waves and a rough metallic shading style and a whole lot of color, somehow creating a cohesive whole that serves as a very compelling background. The work then contrasts that with a totally solid black foreground, abstract in all ways, floating through it. The emptiness of the foreground only further accentuates the background, which is the real focus of the work. Murky Dawnsky uses desaturated colors of shades not commonly seen, contrasted against a light orange foreground, to make its impression. The combination of both a gradual fade to gray in the background and the horizontal lines of the same color running through it helps to really emphasize the murkiness of the whole scene. But my personal favorite work this week is Signifatory Residue, a dim work consisting of a tarnished golden background, and scattered shards of vertical lines floating before it. These lines are implied to be created by the electricity-like green strip in the foreground, all to create a shiny, sparkling setting of beauty. Please enjoy!

Cloud-Tethered Boat

Far-Off Supernova

Floating Through Transition

Heat, Hills, and Horizons

Murky Dawnsky

Signifatory Residue

Single Uptide

Swished Through the Water