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DIMA - Desired Influence Modern Art

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This collection is largely abstract - "desired influence" can take many different forms, be it influence of desire, influence to desire, desire to influence, or desire of influence. Starting off, This is What I Want is crisp and well-composed, crisscrossing horizontal and vertical lines in the background meeting each other at the edge of a powerful cliff. A path leads off that cliff, providing a direction. The coloration of the work is ambivalent and soft, leaving the decision up to one who has to make it, and not prioritizing a specific emotion over others. The Underbelly of Transformation is passionate and emotional, but fairly abstract. The main color is that of orange rust, with accents in red and pink; depth is hard to discern with the few contours and divisions in this work, making it to seem as though it is the in-between phase of some transformation or other, but just the part that is difficult to understand. Hypnotic Dancer is focused on the negative space between ripple waves, characterizing a silhouette and using the ripple waves as an allusion to hypnosis. The dancer's silhouette here is wavy and, between the shape and the movement inherent in the ripple wave background, gives a strong impression of motion; meanwhile, the fixture on the right side of the image remains still and stoic, an anchor. Marks Etched Into the Record is soft, elegant violet, and very calm. Yet, as an undercurrent, visible only as reflection and shadow, scratches and cracks weave their way in, creating permanent blemishes on an otherwise beautiful and undisturbed record. And finally of note, Nested Metaphorical Mouths is somewhat more concrete than its name would suggest; it presents the repeating contour of an open mouth, with vertical lines filling the gaps where teeth would appear - gaps of darkness between clusters just enough to denote the divisions between mouths. Of course, the mouths are all trying to eat each other. Please enjoy!

Hypnotic Dancer

Marks Etched Into the Record

Nested Metaphorical Mouths

Recline and Design

Scratched Out Silhouettes

Star Wait

The Underbelly of Transformation

This is What I Want