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FDMA6 - Full Digital Modern Art 6

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Like its predecessors (1 2 3 4 5), this collection contains works that are all different interpretations of the same rapidly-changing monitor. Starting off this week, Darkened Towers Through Bars introduces a central motif of symmetry, with the right and left sides being very structurally similar. Here, the left side is darker and the right is better-lit; behind the green areas at the top, and funneling downwards therefrom, are stalks of vertical lines which are the 'towers' the work's title refers to. Next, the pair Rent Roads and Rent Spurs share their motifs and forms, and maintain similar names ('rent' used here as a past-tense of 'rend'), while differing in their styles and color schemes. Rent Roads is a darker magenta which transitions into red towards the top of the image, with small glitches and bumps peppering every part of the roads. Rent Spurs, meanwhile, is sharper and is covered with thin white horizontal lines, giving it an overall lighter and smoother appearance but not entirely removing the small glitches underneath. Organized Horizontal Lines is calm, composed, and symmetrical, letting go of the urgency and jaggedness of most of the rest of the works in the collection. Instead, it consists only of horizontal lines, grouped closer together or further apart, and of varying thickness, with a single vertical line cleaving down the middle. Parallel Yet Differing Tracks is a rare unsymmetrical work, with completely different colorations between its two sides. The left side in general is more indistinct than the right, though it shares much of the same form while having an opposite color; in terms of temperament, the right side is more composed and secure, whereas the left side is in turmoil. And finally of note, Top-to-Bottom Duplication is straightforward, and follows a similar pattern of vertical duplication to how most of its sister works follow horizontal duplication. Of course, the bottom copy isn't exactly the same as the top copy, but it is both larger and has more expressive colors - enhanced duplication, perhaps. Please enjoy!

Again, But With a Twist

Darkened Towers Through Bars

From the Middle, From the Sides

Indistinct Beyond the Screen

Organized Horizontal Lines

Overriding Prelude

Parallel Yet Differing Tracks

Paths Bleeding Through Bars

Rent Roads

Rent Spurs

Top-to-Bottom Duplication