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MAUC - Modern Art Unveiling Collection

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This collection is about tearing away the veil, about creating art, about showing off. Speaking of which, starting off, Measured Collage depicts a student presenting their work, an angular collage or cubist experiment which, despite perhaps seeming abstract, was deliberately constructed and put together. The red color of the work is representative of something, but it's not clear what. Perhaps trying too hard. Confusion Construction is unusual thanks to its vague blurriness, which helps it to feel as though it's viewed from closer than most of the other works that follow similar archetypes. Those archetypes are present, and they imply building and construction, but in this work depth is difficult to track, and lines are indistinct; true, useful construction is difficult. Scratches at Layers combines a pale light blue and a vibrant yellow in pulse waves, with a wiry black figure in the forefront that scratches away. The waves get wider as they get higher in the image, emanating from the bottom; the implication, then, is that the black figure is creating those waves by scratching at the yellow background. Shadows and Filters is simple and straightforward, a few solid areas of colors with a bit of shading on each. What's important in this work is the corresponding areas that are shaded; the darkest spot in the middle orange layer produces a deep, wide shadow on the loest, bluish layer. Between them is a thin, solid veil - the filter that creates this effect. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Mixer of Flakes, a dusty, speckled work of passion. The mixer blade itself is spiraling inside the pot, and specks of dust float throughout that pot; but at spots that dust get luminescent, green, blue, white, as if burning a righteous candle. The consistent shading style of this work really helps to make an impression and cement its composition, bringing out a contrast beween the black background and the colorful, bright foregrounds. Please enjoy!

Confusion Construction

Delimma of Color Choice

Measured Collage

Mixer of Flakes

Pooling Dust

Scratches at Layers

Shadows and Filters

What Part Holds Promise