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MADE - Modern Art Disruptive Elements

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This collection focuses on things that are notable, that distract attention from other things. Starting off, Radio Static Blip is dull and samey, except for the singular notable magenta burst at one end, coming off of the end of a consistent stream driping from the top. The pattern made by this pink area is very erratic, appearing and disappearing, spiking up in lines only a few pixels thick. At the same tome, the black line designating the path splits; perhaps that was the cause of the disturbance. Schematic Over Colors has two parts in its background, red and green, with a pale speckled blue foreground that colors both of them. The difference in texture between the blue foreground and the red and green backgrounds inspired part of the title; the roughness, and the prevalence of vertical and horizontal lines across the whole image inspired the rest of it. Horned Mountain is bright and stands out. It is, of course, a landmark and monument, conspicuous in how it shines over the landscape. To emphasize this, the background lightens as it retreats from the mountain's peak, emphasizing its whiteness by contrast. Important Surface, Scratched is not pixel art, but it is on that scale. Taking an odd color choice, yellow-green on a red-violet background, the true incisions are in a complete blackness, with borders and scuffs emphasized by the yellow's contrast to the purplish surface behind them. The locations of the scratches are effetively random. But my personal favorite work this week is Implosive Corruption, which combines blue, magenta, and purple in a strong, almost overwhelming mix of high saturation and sharp lines to divide the various colors from each other. The entire image shows a somewhat subtle direction of movement towards a same focal point towards the bottom-right, which is why it is labeled 'implosive'. Please enjoy!

A Notable Segmentum

Horned Mountain

Implosive Corruption

Important Surface, Scratched

Overshadowing the View

Radio Static Blip

Schematic Over Colors

Sweep of Beach