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MACS4 - Modern Art Color Study 4 - Civilization

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As a celebration of the 300th numbered collection in this gallery, this is the fourth Modern Art Color Study collection, succeeding MACS (the original), MACS2 (Ghast), and MACS3 (Cloth). As before, all works in this collection are derived from the same, singular monitor, and each one was carefully modified using various color filters to deliver a specific impression and approach a specific color. The theme of this color study is civilization, the title of the base work based on aspects of its composition - the vertical and horizontal lines around the edges of the screen, and the structure in the lower-right, as well as the clouds of fog or smog towards the center. Each work is named for an emotional attribute, like in MACS2, but the theme of those concords with that of civilization at large - all of these things are traits that civilizations across history have shown, both good and bad. As usual with color studies, I won't be discussing any of them individually. Additionally, unlike previous color studies, there isn't a particular 'original' work to be found for this monitor: with a few exceptions, each work is borne of a separate photograph of the same monitor, which changed color gradually enough to capture discrete shades in the periods of transition, which were enhanced into the works presented here. Overall, the Modern Art Color Studies are some of the purest examples of what this gallery is trying to accomplish - an experiment in the agency and creativity I can harness in the creation of modern art. Please enjoy!

Civilization of Bloodthirst

Civilization of Delight

Civilization of Development

Civilization of Energy

Civilization of Exertion

Civilization of Innocence

Civilization of Insight

Civilization of Life

Civilization of Lust

Civilization of Nature

Civilization of Nobility

Civilization of Optimism

Civilization of Routine

Civilization of Rust

Civilization of Vigor

Civilization of Water

Civilization of Wear

Civilization of Wisdom

Civilization of the Deep