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BNMA - Bleak Neglect Modern Art

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These works are overall pessimistic, portraying a general lack of hope, or apathy, as a theme. Starting right off, If Left Neglected is the epitome of this collection's themes; weak of color, a rough texture, and a sense of movement that moves away from the work itself. The work lacks energy, and what the central figure does have seems to be devoted to ignoring the mess it's left behind, and moving towards the fourth wall, leaving frame from the front. In the background, specks of neglect rise up and coalesce, creating a deeply foreboding atmosphere. Here Is Your Barcode is a compositionally simple work with a general air of tiredness and routine. The parts of the work that have color are a dull, desaturated green, a background against a dreary off-white. This foreground uses a lazy contour to draw attention to the clustering of vertical lines in the background - all the same white color to contrast against a darker background - as if to give it away. Corrupt Dealings is a dark, sinister work, representative of a clear archetype that isn't uncommon. Normally, the shadow tentacles seen here are put to lighter use, but here the only one clearly visible against the dark background with thin highlights seems to be a handshake, between two figures made of this shadow, on opposite sides of the work. The deal is made in darkness, and thus must not be of the light. Molds and Fungi is the most colorful work in this collection, but it manifests more as morbid than as lively - every surface is rough and every edge - including the top of the image - is covered in a colorful fuzz. It's evocative of the rim of moldy food, an impression assisted by the bland, decayed blacks and whites into which the areas of color inevitably fade. An unsustainable, unhealthy atmosphere. But my personal favorite work this week is Disturbance in the Distance, a calm work with an even balance of hope and apathy. The foreground is a brighter yellow, a figure lifting itself up to look into the distance, a bleak gray covered with vertical lines. Towards the center of the background, there is light, and unnatural, razor-thin magenta spikes, along with clouds representative of danger. The mood of the work points towards ignoring, hiding from, this disturbance, rather than doing anything to address it. Overall, Please enjoy!

Corrupt Dealings

Disturbance in the Distance

Here Is Your Barcode

If Left Neglected

Molds and Fungi

Several Types of Claws

Sources and Shadows

The World I Want to Change