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PHMA - Passionate Heart Modern Art

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The heart, the soul, the spirit, filled with passion, is what this collection generally aims to portray. These works are more about feeling than they are about their composition or direct subjects, making them fall towards the abstract end of the spectrum. Starting off, Groovy Essence has a subject in the bottom-left corner, raising its arm in the air and letting a cape flutter in the wind beyond, but that isn't the focus of the work. Rather, the center of the work shows an opaque veil of shadow, through gaps in which a vibrant texture is visible, full of life and full of charm. The cracks snaking up towards the top-right of the image convey some of this liveliness, just a little bit, as though it's having an effect on the shadows. Intense Sentiment Exploration uses almost the same template, but a completely different pattern of shadows and coloration. A green-cyan hue characterizes this work, relaxed and inquisitve as a shadow spears thruough it from one end to the other, separating the background in two. Thin, contained violet highlights permeate the shadows, exploring them, penetrating, and reaching back out into the green background. This is an abstract work, but one that nevertheless conveys much emotion. Spirited Glide is lively and energetic, and while it uses shadows as a central motif like most other works, its central figure is bordered in a deep blue, which both helps it contrast against the orange-hued background and gives it more of a genuine-feeling connection. The 'glide' that the subject of the work engages in is not entirely clear from anything other than its form and carefree stance, and the lack of any particular anchors in the work. The Intensity of Shatters is intense in a way that many other works in this collection are not, being more heavy-hearted and intense. The line between the foreground and the background here is difficult to discern - is the foreground the red, having shattered in the middle, or is the foreground the black, a creature breaking apart that red surface? And finally of note, An Embrace of Hearts is almost melancholic while at the same time being welcoming and optimistic. It contrasts its black shadow with a warm white and yellow, with some nice magenta thrown in. The borders between areas are, notably, curved, which augments the work's positive impression. The core theme of the work, overall, is acceptance. Please enjoy!

An Embrace of Hearts

Brick Versus Waves

Expanded Butterfly

Groovy Essence

Intense Sentiment Exploration

Sapient Blob

Spirited Glide

The Intensity of Shatters