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MACE2 - Modern Art Contemplative Environments 2

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As with its predecessor, this collection strives to emphasize the color and overall feeling of each work - "presenting entire environments, as represented by modern art". Starting off, Odd Room calls back to previous room-themed works, many of which have had similar composition, but differentiates itself by using a purple color scheme rather than the usual dark green. The different shades on display here contrast with each other beautifully, the texture complimenting the shading and overall composition to leave an interpretable and calm work. By contrast, Highlighted Ridge is bright and energetic with its orange-red color scheme, and the waves that characterize its texture give a sense of movement and activity. A gray line breaks through the waves and provides an anchor for this movement, and the shadows in the red area against the black part of the image provide good continuity. Swinging in the Dark is abstract, and lightened enough to be well-visible despite the implication of darkness by the grainy texture, and so is up for interpretation. The title interprets the various cracks of light, especially those descending from the top-left corner, to be ropes of a sort. Hesitant Appreciation of a Beautiful Day is an exceedingly calm work, though the specific level of saturation and the structure of the picture's bottom-left corner gives a bit of an air of apprehension. But my personal favorite work this week is Metalpool, a rust-colored work with a few different textures applied to great effect. While the overall design pattern is far from unique, the pool in this work is set apart not by just by color highlights, but by texture, an interesting and uncommon effect among works of this archetype. Please enjoy!

Hesitant Appreciation of a Beautiful Day

Highlighed Ridge

In the Lap of Luxury


Odd Room

Spurning Space

Swinging in the Dark