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MAUE - Modern Art Uncertain Emotion

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Overall, this is a relatively abstract collection. Starting off, Moderate Caress is one of the more concrete works to be found here, and like prior works of similar archetypes, its title implies it to depict a hand, gently stroking the smooth lower half of the image. The background is an unusual, inoffensive color that pairs well with the rest of the work's overall color scheme. Discombobulation is more abstract, very much open to interpretation and named rather generically in order to encourage that. The black areas on the left side of the image seem to make the shape of a figure with arms and a torso, swinging or resting in a strange position, on an ill-defined and irregular surface. Longing Spirit of Uncolor is a fairly unusual take on its archetype. Rather than solid color, the dark channels separate areas of vertical lines, which fade gradually into blackness as though they are being consumed. The contours of the cracks inside these channels draws the attention to a main point, the interpretation of which is left to the viewer. Stoic Line is blunt and straightforward, and also, on its face, utterly uninteresting. It's exactly what it claims to be - a line, a gray background, and not much else. And yet, it's meaningful in a strange way, using its lack of general presence or any distinguishing features to be distinctive. But probably the most interesting work this week is Coordinating a Pulsar, a sharp and colorful work that, despite its bright colors, retains a generally dark tone. There are two distinct planes in the image - the diagonal from the lower-left to upper-right, which remains dark, and the explosion to the other corners from the central point, which cary a momentum of their own and take their colors in several different directions, creating something new. Please enjoy!


Coordinating a Pulsar


Longing Spirit of Uncolor

Moderate Caress


Stoic Line

Strips Fallen