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BMAP - Bruised Modern Art Punctuation

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Following in the footsteps of the various Bruised Monitors Modern Art collections, this collection goes for a particular theme in what it tries to portray. Punctuation is a particularly good subject to represent with bruises - the more localized effects, compared to the kinds of breaks which form most of the art in this gallery, allow more precise things to be represented. Some are, of course, more straightforward than others. Slash and Backslash are among the most recognizable, while Colon and Comma are open to a little bit more interpretation. Most of the color schemes are secondary - those chosen are simply those that make it easiest to see the shape itself. That said, the most interesting color schemes on display are in Underscore (a deep dark green), Comma (extremely bright and bluish), and Question Mark (the mark itself in blue and the background in a stark red to contrast it). Aesthetically, the latter work is my personal favorite this week. Please enjoy!






Question Mark