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IMAP - Impressive Modern Art People

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This collection focuses on people who make impressions, and on impressions made by people. Starting off, Colors of an Emperor is the most noticeable work in this collection by a fair margin; a rush of many colors, none matching at all. But they don't have to, because an emperor can wear whatever colors he pleases. The difference in texture between the emperor's colorful clothes and the radiant background contrasts with the similar shading style between them. Next, Handbag but Hostile is abstract and told through silhouette. The handbag itself is clear enough, but the figure holding it is difficult to comprehend. The deep purple coloration of the midground, fading into a protective blue bordering the handbag itself, contributes to the work's emotional feeling. One Reaction Fills Space is bold and bright, but very abstract. Most of the space in the work is, in fact, not full; however, the reaction at the very center of the work is at its start, and has yet to expand to fill all that space. It can already be seen radiating outwards. Invasive Despondency is somewhat colorful, yet maintains a feeling of depression; its desaturation and rough texture, uninviting and inhospitable, is yet enough to compel some figures to investigate it out of curiosity. They will carry this mood, this feeling, with them, spreading it beyond its bounds. And finally of note, Dancer / Puppeteer is more concrete than it might seem at first glance. The focal figure is spindly, made of thin bright lines, but the curves in those lines instill a feeling of motion. Whether the creature is under its own control or not forms the central question in this work, and is the idea behind its title. Please enjoy!

Colors of an Emperor

Dancer / Puppeteer

Groovy-ish Impressions

Handbag but Hostile

Invasive Despondency

One Reaction Fills Space

Potential In Silhouette

Recline Amidst Turmoil