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MAAE7 - Modern Art Animal Edition 7

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Like the previous Animal Editions (1 2 3 4 5 6), this collection focuses simply on depicting animals. Big Hippo in Silhouette is the most concrete work in this collection, a simple silhouette in profile of a hippopotamus. The work has its own green frame, inside which the hippo waits to be photographed against a more neutral, stock background with some activity but none of it interesting. In contrast, Strange Fanged Organism is not categorically abstract, but it also does not resemble known animals; rather, its silhouette is that of a face of an as-yet-undiscovered animal or organism. Whether its fangs are the great black protrusions towards the left of the work, or the thin scratches towards the right, depends on the viewer's interpretation. Driller Bug is traditional Modern Art in composition, the black subject outlined clearly with borders of light, digging through a sandy-colored surface. The bug looks somewhat like a drill machine, all the more important for digging as bugs do. Almost a Penguin is predominantly dull and apathetic, in contrast to its ostensible subject matter. The penguin here is in profile towards the left of the image, its black and white standing out as solid surfaces against the background. This penguin is even fatter than a normal penguin, though - the result of apathy, as the work's general tone implies. But finally of note, A Whale Surfaces is of unusual composition for an Animal Edition collection; it is focused on Negative Space, only bright outlines present to define the work's subject. The surface is shown by the presence of color here, and the whale that is the focus of the work touches that surface at just one point; this makes it possible to identify the form of the rest of the whale. Please enjoy!

A Fly's Wide World

A Whale Surfaces

Almost a Penguin

Big Hippo in Silhouette

Climb, Young Cephalopod

Driller Bug

Spider Amidst Foundatia

Strange Fanged Organism