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MAAE6 - Modern Art Animal Edition 6

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This collection follows from its several predecessors in focusing on portraying animals and animal activities, in a slightly less abstract collection than usual. Getting right into it, Beluga's Head is an excellent example of a stylized yet concrete work. The subject's large forehead is the main feature of the work, with its lighting reflecting that while the usage of black helps to highlight the location of the subject's eye. Next, Scratchings with Depth does not directly portray an animal, but rather the aftereffects of one's presence. The compositional archetype used here is not unique, even within this collection, but the color choice helps to enhance the impressions of depth, both figuratively as a compositional element and literally in the work's own universe. Buff Butterfly Silhouette is ultimately concrete but that may be hard to recognize at first. The work is somewhat noisy, and clearly the butterfly shown here is not alone - whether the other elements of the work are foreground or background, light sources or simply obstacles, is left to the viewer's interpretation. Next, Alligator is very concrete, repurposing the common vertical-lines motif as an allusion to the alligator's sharp teeth and wide maw. The body of the reptilian subject is left in the typical black of negative space, but the choice of color for the background helps to give an appropriate impression of what meaning should be associated with the subject. And finally of note, my personal favorite work in this collection is Fish, which takes a close-up view of the same motif used in Scratchings with Depth, and interprets the little areas of dust as silhouettes behind a screen of light. There is one fish silhouette prominently featured in this work, but whether the work's title refers to that particular fish or the myriad that swim behind it is left as an open question. Please enjoy!

Aged Floater


Beluga's Head

Buff Butterfly Silhouette


Scattered Fly Paradise

Scrapes and Cuts from Fighting

Scratchings with Depth