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LAMA - Leadership Attempts Modern Art

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The theme of this collection, evident in its title, is rather loose - even a vague connection qualify a work into this collection, and accordingly the focus here is more on superiority and rank than outright leadership. Very Fat Suit serves as a first example of this, relating itself to the collection's theme by dint of connotation rather than doing so overtly. It is also a fairly abstract work, although prior works of the same archetype make the subject of this work easier to distinguish, and in its contrast to its predecessors helps this work get across its meaning. Technology Subsuming All is more definite in its theming, as well as a much sharper work that uses contrasting motifs - mainly vertical lines versus horizontal textures - to allude to conflict, and white-veined negative black space to guide the work's senses of motion and depth. In this case, the mantle of leadership is being taken by some technology, whatever it is that lies at the center of the work. Next, The Meaning of a Trophy is more subdued and relaxed, using soft and unusual colors and overall gentle shading. The contours of the image, though, and the power radiating from the figure in the upper-right corner, give contrary impressions, however. The work invites the viwer to consider that figure in the corner, and ponder its meaning and its goals. The work's title alludes to its non-sentience, labeling it as just a trophy; then, what is it that this trophy drives the world to do? Worship Leading to Permanence is fairly abstract and somewhat eclectic in terms of its motifs, but it also uses them brilliantly to play into its central theme and lay thick symbolism. The black, negative-space figure reaches out to all corners of the work, and the small lighted figures in the bottom-right corner pay tribute to it. Outside of the black figure's sphere of influence, vertical lines persist, alluding to structure and activity, but inside is simply a smooth gradient of light purple into the deep black. And finally of note, Trying to Conduct is sharp, crisp, and about as concrete as any work in this collection gets. It uses its compositional motifs well and effecitvely, and is generally a good example of elegance in simplicity. Please enjoy!

Echoes of Sunrise

Placed Above Mediocrity

Technology Subsuming All

The Meaning of a Trophy

Trying to Conduct

Very Fat Suit

When Everyone Is...

Worship Leading to Permeance