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MAPE2 - Modern Art Passion Experiments 2

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Like the first MAPE, this collection emphasizes passion, strong emotions, and the effort associated with them. Starting off, Impressing Animatedness focuses on its subject, a large black figure manipulating a tool or point in the center of the image. The background incorporates pulse waves, and the white section of it contains a triangular area of shadow that points down towards that focus. A line extends onwards from the focus point to the bottom corner of the image, which is the result of the experiemnt. Prepare for Bloodthirsty Conquest is passionate, combining the deep red of bloodthirst with a light green representing life and effort; a fixture at the bottom of the image looks out upon it all, a thin arc towards the middle of the image helping with the connection. The work carries a strong sense of apprehension, and preparation. Representing a similar theme, Feelings of Bloodache uses a similar deep red color scheme for its background, with notable dark spots that fade smoothly from their surroundings. These dark spots feature in the foreground too, ringed in blue, which helps to keep the whole image cohesive. In terms of its subject matter, this work mostly focuses on the large figure in front; the black area towards the top is its head or face, its form giving in impression of contemplation. Emotion Immune is simple and pink, but the focus is on the figure on the right side of the image, a colorless black and white thing looking over at the background stoically, without reaction. Some of its whiteness is slightly tinged by pink, as though it has been assimilated and subsequently ignored. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is One Rises, To Hope, which is colorful and active, its background colors accenting the black figures in the foreground that fight for dominance. One wins, and reaches forward into the light, towards the color at the top of the image, having triumphed over the hopeful, but ultimately powerless, others. Please enjoy!

Approach to Instilling Effort


Feelings of Bloodache

Impressing Animatedness

One Rises, To Hope

Prepare for Bloodthirsty Conquest


Stuck In the Ways