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MAFC - Modern Art Fostering Cooperation

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The soft theme here is connection and communication, and the encouragement thereof. Starting off, Union and Handshake depicts two large figures, somewhat abstract but also parallel, shaking hands with each other in front of a blue background. One is orange and yellow, while the other is black; their forms are somewhat different, arms different lengths, shoulders in different positions, heads in different places, and yet they manage to find accord. Next, Dotly Communication makes itself interesting by using a grid of dots, tiny lights arranged in a lighter area. These dots are manipulated, some on and some off, by an arm and a hand. The soft color of the work eases off the pressure that the situation might have, imbuing a relaxing tone overall. Surveyors or Fishers is a deep violet where it has color, and a blank cool white where it does not. One figure points far off into that whiteness, while the other seems to look into the pool or cove before them, where the color is. The communication comes in in their conversation, or perhaps disagreement. Well, As For Me... uses yellow as a color, which alone makes it somewhat uncommon, but otherwise follows a fairly standard mold, with very little happening on the bottom-right half of the image. The figure at the bottom-left is the subject of the work, and its body language - how it's pointing, and the area it's opening up - emphasizes the work's title. It is making its own decision, independently of anyone else. But my personal favorite work this week is Cell Connections, which stands out with green dust bordered by sharp orange contours, all against a pale, desaturated tan background. This background fades, using tissue-paper shading (which differentiates it from the dithering of the elements inside the black blobules bordered by bright orange), into light; this provides a sense of movement and direction to the entire work, which is aided by the particular connections between blobules. Please enjoy!

Cell Connections

Dotly Communication

Laid-Back and Generous

Rope From the Tower

Surveyors or Fishers

Tools Doing Delicate Things

Union and Handshake

Well, As For Me...