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BMMA3 - Bruised Monitors Modern Art 3

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Like the previous two BMMA collections, these works are creative interpretations of the spots of discoloration on monitors that I refer to as 'bruises'. They are localized, similar in scale to pixel art, but not damaged at the level of individual pixels. Starting off, Spots of Shared Sentiment portrays three different subjects, similar blue dots but having taken different paths to all arrive at the same place. But they have the same substance, and rest in the same place in a gradient from strong yellow to dark blue; a location of similar feeling that they share by some coincidence. Subtlety Amidst Tumult is easier to comprehend when viewed from further away. With pulse waves of various colors, switching on a diagonal towards the middle of the work, the actual subject is hidden right at the center of the work, a slightly brighter streak navigating through the background. Spoken Speck is simple and straightforward, a simple red spot on a red background. The lighter spot that is the bruise here is accompanied by a few areas of dead pixels, to the left in a contiguous clump and to the right as a scatter. Archipelago consists of several dark dots on a smooth, cool cyan background. The work is elegant in its simplicity: easy to digest and simple to understand, while still being substantial enough to remain interesting in terms of composition. But my personal favorite work this week is Being Down, Looking Up, a work with an original and genuinely interesting form; a diagonal yellow strip running through the center, splitting a black area and a red area, with creatures of light and darkness approaching each other from each side respectively. The center of the work will serve as a battleground, for competition or comparison, whatever the result. Please enjoy!


Being Down, Looking Up

Escapist Sperm

Isolated Annelid

Many-Toned Disturbance

Spoken Speck

Spots of Shared Sentiment

Subtlety Amidst Tumult