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BMMA - Bruised Monitors Modern Art

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This is the first collection in a new series, featuring heavily-edited portrayals in a new archetype - bruises. Unlike cracks, which often change the color of a screen in drastic ways, and which make up most of the works in this collection, bruises are simply off-color areas, and thus lots of color correction and editing is required to make them presentable. Many are also better-viewed from a distance than from up close, due to the close scale. First off, Hidden Stalker is subtle, its bruise-born shadows choosing to be only those, rather than adopting other colors than their surroundings. A thin curve of dust connects multiple shadows, and partly gives the whole scheme away. Next, Painful Relative Safety also uses different shades of the same color for its midground and background, but spices up its foreground with sharp swipes of a different, darker, color. This sharpness and precision acts in contrast to the shallow gradient of the background to emphasize the work's inherent contradiction. Variant Points is a pixel-scale work that differentiates its bruises from their background in a garish way, as well as from each other. The two points share enough colors to maintain a thematic connection, but are disparate enough from each other to maintain their own identities, especially against the work's active orange background. Blotches Recede is perhaps the most traditionally-composed work in this collection, applying what might be a pastel gradient method of shading except that it takes on a new appearance at this work's smaller scale. The roughness and jaggedness of the background is contrasted elegantly by the bruises themselves, deep black wells which give room to the imagination. And finally, my personal favorite work this week is Rootcells Corrupted, which takes the pixel art style and applies it to the Bruises archetype - and moreover, it blends two styles into either side of the work. The left half is a deep red, folded and crinkled like tissue-paper or origami, while the right side is intensely digital, sharp, precise, yet corrupted, making use of primary colors contrasted with each other so near that they seem to blend together. Please enjoy!

Blotches Recede

Disturbed Spirit

Hidden Stalker

Notability of a Wisp

Painful Relative Safety

Rootcells Corrupted

Slow Slidecrawl

Variant Points