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MAPT - Modern Art Portraying Tasks

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This collection returns to somewhat more concrete works, after the last few more abstract collections. The running theme is that each work in this collection represents either a task, a person doing it, or a tool necessary for a task. Starting off, Sounding Rod is perhaps a bit too large for pixel art, but maintains the sharpness of other large pixel art works. In terms of design, this work is clear and striaghtforward, with a muted and low-contrast color palette that contrasts with the deep black design of the sounding rod itself. Next, Wine Funnel is another simple, straightforward work. It derives its name from its color, a striking dark magenta fading into red as the funnel nears its bottom. The work's more subtle details, like its moire and the faint cracks in its black background, give it more meaning that might not be immediately perceptible. Instructor of Expression is somewhat more abstract, or so it seems at first. The instructor to which the work's title refers is situated towards the left edge of the image - as for what the "expression" is, that much is interpretative - the work provides several possibilities. Influence Propellor is probably the most abstract work in this collection, with almost every aspect being open to the viewer's interpretation. But its compositional style is unique, from its desaturated pink color palette to its smooth yet sharp edges between that colored area and its blackness. And finally of note, Trying to Hang Banners uses its vertical lines motif brilliantly, interleaving columns of black and lines of colors in a way that manages to reflect its title faithfully and clearly. Please enjoy!

Haunt Goggles

Influence Propellor

Instructor of Expression

Presenting from On High

Showing Only a Taste

Sounding Rod

Trying to Hang Banners

Wine Funnel