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MAEC - Modern Art Emotions Crystallized

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This is another collection of generally abstract works, though with an intent of expressing or codifying some emotions. Starting off, Swimming in Love is straightforward, as abstract works go - a largely pink image, soft, and a carefree figure with many fins gliding through nearby. Extravagant Burstout is a trichromatic work with a sense of depth and fast motion mixing together to enhance the effect of a figure moving with energy. The sharp definition of the background makes it look sunken in, which helps to contrast with the thin, purposeful blue foreground, which gets thicker as it seems to approach the viewer. Sapphirc Rule calls back to an old work, Sapphiric Magesty, and through contrast with it highlights the changes rent by time. The work may share a color scheme, to a degree, but it has faded drastically; it's more broken, and there's more rubble present throughout. This work serves as an expression of how the weight of responsibility can wear on someone or something in the long term. Next, Warning Lights in the Rain incorporates many colors but uses a grainy, less saturated texture to deemphasize them. The contrast in textures and color schemes between the top half and the bottom half of the work, combined with the smudges that stand out from the background with their darker red, provide the elements of concreteness that help the work live up to its title. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Soft Light, a calming, perfectly-balanced work that fades from a lgiht golden-brown to a darker one from the center outwards. Carefully measured, and at peace, yet its color scheme contrasts with that feeling to provoke a sense of foreboding and wariness. Please enjoy!

Absence, in Yellow

Extravagant Burstout

Fledgling Mountain

Jagged Glare

Sapphiric Rule

Soft Light

Swimming in Love

Warning Lights in the Rain