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CAMA - Combatative Activity Modern Art

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These works are subject-focused, each portraying something that has some relation to combat or violence. Starting off, Chain of Grabbing focuses on an abstract frame of a concrete subject. The work portrays, in negative space, grasping hands that try to tear apart some abstract figure that yet keeps itself together. Or is it the other way around? Next, Scratch Guarded is a close-up work of pixel art, presenting a number of perfectly straight horizontal and vertical lines, broken by a single bright-orange scar through the middle. The work's sense of depth is intentionally muddled, and enhanced by its being pixel art - which side is being protected here? Invasive Invisible Intruder is a dark work, entirely shrouded in shadow and portraying its subject, as usual, in negative space. The complement of the generally dark tone against the black subject enhances the impression alluded to by this work's title, and the contrasting glare of light towards the center of the image provides an additonal impression of depth and direction. Vest full of Bullet Holes follows similar motifs to other past suit-based works, except that it contains a complex splatter of negative space across it - from one central impact, it spirals out in many directions, each weaving back and forth wildly. The violet and blue highlights point to other weaknesses, but not necessarily points of breakage. And finally, my personal favorite work this week is Gash, a work of pixel art, though it may not seem such from just in front. This is a simple work, with a simple black cut against a pale orange background. The area around the gash is brushed in yellow, representing the edges of a wound, and its efforts to heal.

Battle Bishop

Chain Of Grabbing


Invasive Invisible Intruder

Scratch Guarded

Snip Limb

Vest full of Bullet Holes

Wild Ash