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BMMA2 - Bruised Monitors Modern Art 2

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A follow-up to BMMA, this collection presents another set of monitors made unique by not cracks but bruises. To begin, Slitherer is straightforward, an inky trail dragged diagonally across the image. The background is interesting here, a frenetic collage of cyan, violet, magenta, yellow, and black, but it all blends together to form a more-or-less homogeneous whole, or is obscured by a digital texture towards the center and bottom-left of the image. The direction of motion in this work is designated both by the focal silhouette and by the light patterns in the background. Similar in theme to Slitherer is And a Slither, a smaller and more contained work, and one with a clearer theme and direction. The subject is tilted rather slightly, enough to make it clear that it is moving towards the right side of the image. This impression is only accentuated by the switch from a directionless yellow background to a bluish, moire-directed background going from the left to the right side. Cuts, Scrapes, and Bruises is perhaps the most intense work in this collection, mixing in sharp scrapes with the bruises, and tinting the entire background to a purplish color for contrast against the foreground. Injury is what's portrayed here, and yet the work's mood is more solemn than it is active. I have two personal favorite works in this collection. First, Spurred Currents is a work with beautiful color contours - the two bruises in the center of the work move away from the hot core at one edge, through a striking dark expanse, getting darker. The motion is clear from the orientation of the subjects and the gradient of the background; this is convection in action, and a beautiful example of excellent composition. Second, Hazy Views Through is stunning for its color usage and basic composition, with basic wavy contours and tissue-paper shading from reddish black to a deep blue from the outside of each wave towards the inside. The work is centered, and yet moves at an angle, the blue foci at the center of each wave counterbalancing the orientation of the waves as a whole. Please enjoy!

And a-Slither

Backwards L

Cuts, Scrapes, and Bruises

Density in Nature

Hazy Views Through

Minute Fluctuations


Spurred Currents