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MPAC - Modern Pixel Art Constructions

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This collection covers several of the same themes as MAHC, but as pixel art, and thus necessarily taking different approaches. "Things constructed" is a very broad category, so it stands to reason that MPAC is a pretty broad and varied collection. Starting off, Laser Bullet is simple and straightforward, a thin energy burst moving to the left. Being pixel art helps this work by shaping how the laser appears; the fluctuations of the waves that would be involved in real life are outlined here against the rigid, gridded background. Broken Tunnel is similarly straightforward - a cross-section of a tunnel, viewed from far out. The inside is black, whereas the borders are at times wide and at times narrow, but the various supporting elements and the spurs out into the surroundings of the construction are clearly visible. The broken-off section, on the left edge, seems more full and has more parts jutting off, perhaps indicating that it is still under construction. Bases on Waves derives most of its interestingness from its background, a close-up vision of a colorful Ripple Wave, painted with tissue-paper shading. Upon this wave, lazily floating, are elongated black stalks, the 'bases' referred to by the work's title. The bases have achieved some level of symbiosis with this environment, as evidenced by how they seem to fade into it in places, towards the right side of the image. Air Docks also derives most of its interestingness from its background, a more laid-back alternation between yellowish and reddish stripes. The constructions in the foreground are somewhat better-defined, with colors signifying their different parts. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Connected Weaponry, a blueprint-looking work that is among the most intricate in this collection. The background is spotted on an almost per-pixel basis, which helps this work to look organized and deliberate - which contrasts with some of the uncertainty and wobbling of lines and aspects inside the design. Please enjoy!

Air Docks

Bases on Waves

Broken Tunnel

Connected Weaponry

Laser Bullet

Pixel Tanks

Propellor Boat at Port

Sloppy Design