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TOMA - Terrain-Oriented Modern Art

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This collection mainly focuses on landscapes and wide views, a prospective view of spectacular terrains and travel. Starting right off, Advancing Cloak is straightforward and monochromatic, using an unusual faded brown as its flat background color and a traditional tower of vertical lines as its main subject - though, unusually, this tower is black instead of white. The fence-like bars that protrude from the left to the right side of the image are mainly responsible for the work's sense of motion, justifying its title. Next, The Cache is traditionally laid-out, the subject on bottom and the background on top. It restricts itself to warm colors, using a gradient from dark pink to deep purple to designate the location of value, while using different texturing and shading styles to isolate that area of the work from the 'outside'. Coarse Turbulations is scratchy and somewhat faded, a rough texture complimenting the shaky presentation of the vertical lines in both the foreground and the background. The impression of uncertainty that this work presents is also aided by the interruptions in the foreground by the background, and the abrupt variance in height between the two parts of the foreground. Of note, Excelling At Camouflage is a fascinating minimalist work, entirely in monochrome, relying only on contours and faint outlines to tell apart its various components. Even beyond that, the work's subject is abstract and difficult to comprehend, which synchronizes well with the picture's presentation. But my personal favorite work this week is Encaptured Sunrise, a simple work using the contrast of light pink and yellow to characterize its subject, and the common bowl-shaped contour motif to make a genuine, substantive contribution to the work's meaning. Please enjoy!

Advancing Cloak

Coarse Turbulations

Dig to Cliff

Encaptured Sunrise

Excelling At Camouflage

Falls and Flow

Insignificant Environmental Imitation

The Cache