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WIMA - Written Incantations Modern Art

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This collection focuses on the connected ideas of magic and writing. While not linked by utter necessity, these two concepts are often combined, and thus serve as a suitable theme. Starting off, Miscellaneous Scratches is at once mundane and yet exceptional. There is no element of magic here, but the color and liveliness of both the text portrayed here and the background behind it give this work life and feeling. Moderate Spellcaster leans into the more magical side of the collection's themes, using its various different motivic and tectural elements to underscore the various parts of the work. The spellcaster is made of thick black tubes, and the elevation and precise level of depth of that figure's arms is made clear by the colorful vertical lines. The color in these vertical lines also helps to emphasize the magical power, which is then reflected in the texture of the background and its very slight ripple waves. Repetitive Evocations is also magical in theme, with a faded red color scheme. The caster is on the right side, and the incantation continues to the left, represented by a consistent and boring white surface that eventually fades away into the background. The variety of the background and of the vertical lines that help to terminate the visible part of the evocations show the evocations' effects, so perhaps the evocations are worthwhile despite their repetitiveness. Returning to non-magical themes, Two Faint Signatures is simple, faded pixel art. It's easier to decipher from a distance - the top-left mark looks like a 'W', and the lower one looks somewhat like a wide 'u', or the lowercase Greek letter Omega. Finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Scripts and Lines, a dull-colored work that makes up for that in its use of textures and very rigid horizontal bars and vertical lines providing a strong structure. The way that the foreground wraps forwards against the metallic background, maintaining more of its own strength and integrity of design, gives meaning to the title and the power held therein. Please enjoy!

Detail Lost in Delicacy

Disorganized Weaver

Miscellaneous Scratches

Moderate Spellcaster

Precise Check Choice

Repetitive Evocations

Scripts and Lines

Two Faint Signatures