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MAEF - Modern Art Emphasizing Feelings

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The theming of this collection is strong, emphasizing emotions and their conveyance in nearly every work. Startng off, Significant Yet Insignificant is intentionally self-contradictory. The figure in the center of the work is bright and cohesive despite being multifaceted and multidimensional - the magenta and cyan vertical lines providing highlights help to define the contours of surfaces that otherwise seem to blend into each other. However, its surroundings are bleak and desaturated, perhaps not caring about this creature with its self-important, significant nature. Fascination in Feeling is fairly standard, and simple and straightforward in design; light sources at the top corners shine down upon a smooth surface, which itself transitions from roughly the same reddish shade of the background to a metallic light blue as it approahces the figure that is the work's subject. This figure provides the fascination to which the title refers. Intrusion Upon Serenity is subtle. Overall, it is calm, a rose-tinted background and a mostly white figure in that background, looming in the distance. But in the foreground, black and green figures encroach from the sides towards this peaceful place - nuisances, invaders, intruders. Keen, Patient Eye approaches the theme of the collection from the other end, seeking to perceive feelings instead of to communicate them. Overall, the coloration and composition of the image helps to give the impression of patience and wisdom, the sandy color contrasting the cyan-green accents on the eye in a way that accents them without causing visual conflict. But my personal favorite work this week is Imprinted Constrution. Constrution being the act of construing, this work's color palette and one-sided composition emphasize the impression it means to give; to shape someone's perceptions and feelings by force. Please enjoy!

Fascination in Feeling

Fatigued yet Strong Impressions

Feverish Impressions

Imprinted Constrution

Intrusion Upon Serenity

Keen, Patient Eye

Shaky Possessiveness

Significant Yet Insignificant