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MARF - Modern Art Relaxing Frames

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This collection dials down the tension a bit, with works that, while interesting, are also fairly loose and laid-back. Starting off, Accepting Differential is at once fairly standard and yet unique in its form and color. The foreground is high on the left edge and low on the right, mixing colors between black, blue, and red. The wide dark strips in the background additionally contrast with the thin, tight lines in the foreground to emphasize the difference in their respective textures and colors. Next, Bright Spot on a Slate is a lighter take on an archetype seen before, a generally light work made to seem darker by the blindingly bright square in the middle. Is that the foreground? or is it a hole through which we can see the light background? The determination is left to the viewer. Aurora Material uses different textures of horizontal lines and vertical lines to differentiate its foreground and background. Whereas the vertical lines in the foreground are solid and strong, spearing up from the bottom of the image, the horizontal lines in the background are dotted, facilitating the digital texture that makdes up the center of that background. Like a real aurora, the aurora shape in this work is wavy and slanted. Too Much Framework is pink, but not romantic. It has curves, and both vertical and horizontal lines are to be found everywhere, overlapping in the background and the foreground alike. There are perhaps too many of them; trying to make a concrete structure out of the materials in this work would be difficult, because with every construction one would risk overwriting the foundation that already exists. But my personal favorite work this week is Shattered From an Edge, a work that speaks for itself in terms of its design. Striking, and radiating outwards both in contour and in color, this work, more than most, uses the medium itself to get its message across. Please enjoy!

Accepting Differential

Aurora Material

Bright Spot on a Slate

Lazy Swirl-Starter

Mass of New Metal

Shattered From an Edge

Sparse Posts

Too Much Framework