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UFMA - Unique Form Pixel Art

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These works are unique compared to the various other pixel-based collections (especially the Pixel Armada collections) because they are mostly on a larger scale, with unique designs that aren't simply disparate segments of a single larger screen. Starting off, Wide Fly Wings is set at a pixel art scale, but focuses on colors in a way reminiscent of larger modern art, and uses cracks for depth that cut through the usual pixel grid. The actual pixel figure is in the center, between the two large orange wings, but it is comparatively inconspicuous and somewhat blends in with the work's background. Next, Rift in a Dust Cloud is somewhat understated, a pale purple slash across a gray-black background, highlights on top of dust. The area of focus lacks some of the textural disturbance of its surroundings, though its relative depth is difficult to determine. Stalwart Travelers is one of the most colorful works in this collection, and the titular subjects are made unique by their elements of blackness, and their rainbowy composition which fails to match the color of the background immediately arout them. The same colors appear in other parts of the background, making the point that the particular color isn't what's important, but rather, how it's used. Wall in the Stars has an incredibly unique style: oddly-shaped, tiny flecks of color, rather than pixels. They all come together to form a wall, and then clusters of particles on one side of that wall, kept out; but the shakiness of the particles as they meld with each other and come together make the wall feel fragile, or rather, soft and possibly breakable. But my personal favorite work this week is Burst and Shrapnel is a fascinating use of pixel art's various means of emphasis. There is a central circle of colorful pixels, the outer portions of which are solid and the inner portions of which contain pixels that are blank, only colored by an outline. Outside, the solid pixels fade away, leaving only a sparse grid of particles radiating away from that central sphere. The effect, the transition from outside to inside, is effective. Please enjoy!

Burst and Shrapnel

Inspirational Dust Crumbs

Rift in a Dust Cloud

Scratched Opening

Splotch Smears

Stalwart Travelers

Wall in the Stars

Wide Fly Wings