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MMPA2 - Messy Modern Pixel Art 2

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Like its predecessor, this collection of pixel art tries to set itself apart with works that are messy, or disorganized, in either subject matter or theme. Starting right off, Arrow is a perfectly straightforward work with a lot of personality despite its simple composition. The arrow is drawn slightly off, the shaft not quite hitting the middle of the head, and it does not quite align with the grain of the background, which proceeds at a slightly upwards angle. However, the variance in color in both the background and foreground - the foreground being more saturated and distinct - keeps the work feeling active and in motion. Next, Confetti over Fire is a pretty straightforward work with a less busy background and more definition. The fire isn't especially pronounced, but is recognizable in design, with its transition from black into deep red into a more orangey red-yellow, and the confetti itself is multicolored, with even some hints of saturated magenta finding their way between the cracks into the background. Bonfire is messier and more primal, a work of few colors but of strong expression. Interestingly, while it is a very warm work, it stays away from being quite as warm as it could be, the most intense areas of red color being restricted to the bottom-center of the work while much of the remainder is a strong but less overpowering yellow. Spider Sneak is an evocative and concrete work which uses small cracks and bruises moreso than deadened pixels in its design. There is an effective sense of movement, and the relatively nondescript background allows the shapes in the foreground to command attention. But my personal favorite work this week is From Darkness to the Jungle, a work which is immediately notable for its unusually dark color profile, as far as pixel art goes. This allows it to effectively blend disparate colors, some blues in the background fading into yellows towards the right edge of the image, which in turn fade into stronger orange and red towards the top, hanging over the blackness of the bottom-right. Despite having almost no actual green, this work still manages to evoke an atmosphere that makes it seem like that is the color of the darkness.

A Hint of What's Held Back




Confetti Over Fire

From Darkness to the Jungle

Spider Sneak