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MAO - Modern Art Observance

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The central theme of this collection is observance. In either the metaphorical sense or the literal, these works try to portray things meant to be observed. Starting off, Constructed Sunset Sky takes a beautiful orange-red color scheme and applies a digital texture and lots of horizontal lines and bands to it, making it feel artificial. This doesn't take away from the effect of the palette, however, and the non-orange parts of the work give it a relaxed tone. Next, Conflicting Paradigms is abstract, portraying two figures disagreeing. The thin white outlines contrast surprisingly abruptly against the background, which helps the work feel more dynamic. Glare of Distant Headlights is very discrete, in the sense that it's portioned into several areas with distinctly different color profiles. The two glaring lights towards the top of the image are what gives this work its name. Observing the Noon Sky is light and laid-back, but the sharpness of its lines and the flowing movement of the figure portrayed makes it difficult to feel entirely at ease, despite the bright color scheme and general lack of apparent danger. And finally of note, Glass Mirror is a two-tone work that contrasts a dim yellow with a bright, reflective cyan. The color contrast is accentuated by a compositional contrast as well, transitioning from a horizontal grain in the yellow area to a vertical grain in the cyan. The shading and glare in the blue area helps greatly to give this work a sense of motion. Please enjoy!

Conflicting Paradigms

Constructed Sunset Sky

Display Bleak

Glare of Distant Headlights

Glass Mirror


Observing the Noon Sky

Three Nodes Outreaching