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BMMA8 - Bruised Monitors Modern Art 8

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Like its predecessors (1 2 3 4 5 6 7), this collection's works are all from monitors with a kind of defect I call a bruise - a discoloration at a specific spot, rather than a crack or dead pixel. Starting right off, the first work of note is Ideograph, a very concrete work that looks like a character in some ideographic language, but doesn't match any one in particular. Similarly, Obscured Ideograph has the same sort of composition, but is much more difficult to make out, and partially smudged, especially on the left side where there is the implication of something missing. Next, Evocations is very unique in its texture and color/shading style. The blend between red and green works, here, and the abruptness of cel-shading is dampened by the extremely rough texture so that it looks more gradual. Finally, the bruised areas of darkness give the work a sense of depth. The Definition of Colors is very straightforward in its composition: a dark attention-grabbing figure in the center, and a rainbow of colors out to either side, with blue in the center transitioning to red at the edges. The value of the colors also changes towards the edge of the work, getting darker so as to highlight the center. Overall, the composition comes together very effectively. But my personal favorite work this week is Emissary of Inferno, a bright and fiery work with a hazy-looking texture. The slight tilt on this work, in the sense of motion, helps make it feel even more lively than its coloration already does, and the blend between normal shading and dithering gives the impression of ashes and sparks amidst the heat. Please enjoy!

Broken Mace

Double Strike

Drops in Amber

Emissary of Inferno


Fish in Deep Water


Obscured Ideograph

The Definition of Colors