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VLMA4 - Vertical Lines Modern Art 4

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Like its predecessors (1 2 3), this collection's works are characterized by their heavy usage of vertical lines. The most on-the-nose work is Vertical Line Clusters, which is nothing but vertical lines. The variance in shading from the top to the bottom of the work, and the varying coloration of each line compared to those next to it, helps this work remain interesting. Similarly, Vertical Rigidity is like a zoomed-in version, some darker areas turning completely black but the lighter vertical strips proving to be composed of even smaller vertical bars. Surviving Structure is an abstract work which uses vertical lines in both the foreground and the background to make up most of its composition, but the variance - horizontal lines in the background, and an oddly-shaped figure of black in the foreground - and its calming color scheme keep this work feeling active. The Glare of the Sun puts less emphasis on the vertical lines in its composition, instead focusing on shading, differentiating the brightened yellow top half of the image with the shadowed dark bottom half. The discrete-style shading of the background reinforces the idea of a glare, and the shiny whiteness of the vertical lines in the foreground helps with that. And finally of note, Flamboyant Presentation is a work of simple color and composition, but it provides plenty of depth of theme. The central figure holds an awkward pose, curved away from an equilibrium, and at an angle that just conflicts with the vertical lines providing structure around it, standing out by dint of that and its shading. Please enjoy!

Complexity Obscures Simplicity

Flamboyant Presentation


Searching Amidst the Towers

Surviving Structure

The Glare of the Sun

Vertical Line Clusters

Vertical Rigidity