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TMA3 - Tenuous Modern Art

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The thing that binds the works in this collection together is their general atmosphere, things that are probably fine but might not be for too much longer. Starting off, Hedging Structure is a primary example. This is a bright work with solid color separation between the different parts of the image, but the contrasting red and blue sections are held away from each other by an intermediate white section. The way that the red tries to curve around the top of the white section indicates that perhaps the red wants to be combined with the blue, but the white is preventing that. The different texturing between the colors also changes - red is much more structured than white, which has more lines even than blue, which is a solid color. Bud About to Bloom is a colorful work makign heavy use of a ripple wave in the background, while the foreground, black and solid, is somewhat more textured and directed than similar works of the past. Thin white veins lead the attention to the bottom-center of the work, where the blackness gives way to a rich deep blue, and altogether it appears as though the work is on the cusp of bursting outwards from that center. Dancing Octopus is lighthearted in subject matter but dark in palette, providing for an interesting contrast. The bright vertical lines help to give some life to an otherwise very dim work with the subject shadowed entirely in black. Smudging a Balance is a relatively interprative work - it's meant to evoke the image of a scale, balanced on the triangle of black in the center. The background is made up of bright vertical lines that have a bit of variance in where they start and end, making the entire structure seem less stable, which adds a bit of tension to the work. But my personal favorite work this week is Friend Separation, a bruised monitor with a rich green color and a very effective composition - the streak of gray cutting through the verdant background in between two contiguous figures of shadow. There's a light on one side but not on the other, implying that the figure on the right is stranded away from the figure on the left. Please enjoy!

Bud About to Bloom

Dancing Octopus

Friend Separation

Hedging Structure

Shadow on the Canister

Smudging a Balance

Thread Loop

Whale-Like Arc