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AMPA - Another Modern Pixel Art

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This collection of pixel art doesn't really have a cohesive theme, other than simply being pixel art. Starting off, Sparse Fencing is a very sharp and well-defined work, at once very orderly yet somewhat disorganized. The contours of the fence are recognizable by the patterns and colors of the pixels especially in the left half of the image; however, there are frequent gaps, as though the fencing is unfinished. Next, Single Tally is very straightforward - it's a vertical tally mark with a second slashed tally mark through it, seemingly with a different pen. While what this work portrays is quite concrete, there's much room for interpretation as to how this situation came to be - why are the two marks in a different tone? What was the context? Who uses a group of two tally marks instead of five? Explorer from a Floating Fortress is straightforward in composition - the explorer is in the center of the work, and their fortress is on the right, appearing small because it is far away. The sort of fisheye lens effect, especially when the image is viewed from a zoomed-out perspective, compliments its general atmosphere. Ordered Static has an interesting, unique atmosphere - a stable watcher from above, overseeing a sttic pattern of red, green, and blue subpixels that make up the rest of the work. The random variance amidst the consistency of color and form keeps this work interesting to look at. But my personal favorite work this week is Segmented Band, a small but very concrete work that portrays exactly what its title says. The background is unintrusive while providing just enough color contrast to make the sharp cyan foreground stand out, and the way that the band is layered over itself makes the work much more visually interesting, as does the shadowed dark blue part of it. Please enjoy!

Emergent Worm

Explorer from a Floating Fortress

Flimsy Flexible

Ordered Static

Segmented Band

Single Tally

Sparse Fencing

Two-Tone Stroke