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BMMA7 - Bruised Monitors Modern Art 7

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As with this collection's predecessors (1 2 3 4 5 6 7), every work in this collection originates not from cracks, but from bruises - dark or light spots that have been magnified and emphasized into the works you see here. These works span a variety of different styles, as well. Fox Ghosts is a vague, interpretive work with relatively little editing compared to its peers. The contrast in which its subject lives is easier to see when the work is viewed from further away. Portents takes the opposite approach, being aggressively bright and overpowering except for the few areas in which darkness is ominously preserved. These areas of darkness are tinted a sinister red, which clashes with the generally more pastel color scheme of most of the rest of the image. Bright Spot is vague and interpretive but easy to look at, and does a great job of making the darkness colorful without distracting from the work's overall composition. The particular style of shading is also particularly unique here. Caged Spirit? has possibly the most interesting texture of any work in this gallery - it genuinely looks like rough paint, or a some type of fabric. In addition, its composition is very literal, making it an easy work to view and contemplate. But my personal favorite work this week is Spirits from Hell, which is colorful, dark, and uses a particular textural style that leads the work to be both approachable and visceral, in addition to being generally abstract. Please enjoy!

Bright Spot

Caged Spirit?

Fox Ghosts


I Choose My Invocation


Spirits from Hell

Vague Shadows of Mercy