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BMMA5 - Bruised Monitors Modern Art 5

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This collection follows its predecessors (1, 2, 3, 4) in that it displays not cracks but bruises. Generally these works are at a closer scale than most, and more heavily edited, so as to bring out the bruises that are their entire point. Cross of Heart is the most compositionally interesting work this week, if not too expressive in terms of its palette. The work's color scheme is only red, tinged pink, and it comes in a gradient from white in the center. The focus of the work is the four dark spots in a diamond shape around the exact center; the horizontal lines towards the bottom provide an effective sense of depth. Slowly Heated Metal Surface is notable for its texture, much more metallic than its kin and shaped in such a way so as to resemble a curved metal surface. It is peppered with smaller bruises, which in this context appear like burns against the otherwise gray-yellow surface. Ominous Eyes is pleasantly symmetrical, moire and all. The waves of soft blue agianst orange meet in the center, forming a crease between the two black mirror-image bruises. The shape of these bruises is notable; they are thinner towards their inside, and a thin, less opaque path connects them, helping to make the work more cohesive and connect the eyes both with each other and with their background. Shooting Stars in Shallow Space is stylized, blurry and low-focus in such a way so as to enhance the contrast between bright light and shadow in the center of the work. IT's not made clear which of those two is the shooting star. The lines in front of the shadow would seem to imply it, but it remains left to the viewer's interpretation. But my personal favorite work this week is Two-Toned Texturing, a rough-textured work with many different colors, textured in such a way that it almost looks like the color was dabbed on by a digital paintbrush. The centerpiece is the contrast between magenta and cyan, across the top and bottom of the work, with a black divider in the middle. Bruises serve as islands between the two, bordered with fuzzy black that isolate them from their surroundings. Please enjoy!

Cross of Heart

Ominous Eyes


Receding Impressions

Shooting Stars in Shallow Space

Slowly Heated Metal Surface

Spirited Hue

Two-Toned Texturing