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BMMA4 - Bruised Monitors Modern Art 4

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Like its three predecessors, this collection is made up of monitors with a particular kind of defect: a bruise, a localized discoloration. They are on the scale of pixel art, but don't actually ontain any dead pixels, and thus tend to have more creative colorations and transformations, and more freeform designs. Starting off, Vague Dog is a silhouette of a tiny yapper, perhaps a small terrier, running forward gleefully. The depiction is indistinct, as it is borne of a bruise, but the coloration of the background helps to both indicate the direction of movement and to amplify the dog itself without being intrusive or distracting. Rifle Shape is a work very evocative of pixel art, without actually being pixel art. In terms of composition, it's very simple, an orange-outlined shape against a dirty yellow background, loosely tracing the silhouette of a hunting rifle. The Specters of Color uses a multitude of colors, which is unusual among Bruised monitors that tend to focus only on a few. Here, it creates a diamond contrasting blue, red, cyan, green, and yellow, radiating all away from a central point, and indicates a shadowy absence of that color in a level of gradualness that only a bruise can really achieve. Towards the right side of the work, the color is gradually siphoned away into nothingness, as can be seen by a thin trail leading to it from the nexus of color. Out of the Frying references the old adage, ending with "...and into the fire". The two creatures depicted in this work seem to be on the move, forwards and upwards. The coloration of the work overall implies a great heat, and in the top-right corner flecks of ash can even be seen - truly a perilous situation. And finally of note, Crinkle Residue is the most blatant use of its shading style in this gallery to date. Said shading style I will term 'prism shading', an advanced version of tissue-paper shading that uses entire geometric shapes, layering and collaging them on each other with hardly any rhyme or reason. This work is notable for this alone, though its composition otherwise is effective and abstract. Please enjoy!

Aetherous Snake

Crinkle Residue

Gentle Scrape

Out of the Frying

Reptilian Body Parts

Rifle Shape

Shaky Resolution

The Specters of Color

Vague Dog