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MAAE8 - Modern Art Animal Edition 8

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Like the previous Modern Art Animal Edition collections (1 2 3 4 5 6 7), this collection focuses on pictures of animals of all kinds and kingdoms, all in the unique style of Modern Art. Starting off, Yearning Ant portrays just that, an ant looking longingly at a trove of food, high and out of reach, taunting. The difference in lightness between the foreground where the ant is and the background where the object of its desire is helps to emphasize the distance, although the similarity of color moderates that somewhat. Squished Up Butterfly is fairly bright in tone, though somewhat sad in subject matter. The titular butterfly is outlined by white lines in the right half of the image, stripped out and flattened against a diagonal surface, forced to be the subject of torture or photography. Toucan Head is fairly abstract, overall. The actual subject is towards the top-left corner, its beak the most obvious part of its design, outlined in white lines. The color that should inhabit that beak is instead peppered elsewhere in the dust of the image, through which the toucan flies, perhaps to recover some of that color. Mosquito with Many Options uses some complicated design elements, and mixes several motifs, but is ultimately of simple composition. The central mosquito silhouette, with its long proboscis and elongated body, is facing towards a wide expanse of ripple waves, one side of the image colorful and the other a welcoming, deep blue. Choices abound, and subjects for the mosquito's sustenance as well. But my personal favorite work this week is Rhino Slink, a powerfully colorful work whose focus is nevertheless the black figure that excludes all of that color. The most conspicuous feature of this subject is its rhino-like horn and snout, as it seems to slink along the tilted ground with its small legs - the camera angle, as it were, is difficult to decipher with this little detail given to the background. As is all intended, as the background instead focuses on a stunning blue-to-pink color gradient to properly honor and draw attention to the subject of the work. Please enjoy!

Cloaked Vole

Mosquito With Many Options

Pelican's Full Crop

Rhino Slink

Squidlike Monument

Squished Up Butterfly

Toucan Head

Yearning Ant