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MASE - Modern Art Storing Energy

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The central thematic element this week is the transfer and storage of energy, in whatever form. Starting off, Wave-Sucker depicts a machine that sucks in waves. Specifically, ripple waves, such as make up the center of this image, in a wild oscillation as they are drawn into the gaping maw on the left edge of the work. The contrast between the color of the waves and the blackness of the mouth consuming them serves to emphasize that the energy from the waves is getting collected and getting digested, not simply disgorged. Converting Forms of Energy focuses on combining two different texture styles - smooth ripple waves and rough digital dust - and transitioning from one to the other. Here, it succeeds, with the waves towards the bottom of the central tower blending in seamlessly with the purple dust in the background, sharing energy productively. Enclosed Bunker flips the script of the collection, keeping energy out instead of in. Inside the protected area in this work are pale white lines, some with small amounts of color but none with the warmth and energy that builds outside the bunker to such an extent that it creates a minor distortion against itself. The ultimate themes and backstory of this work are left to the viewer to interpret. Carrier of Compressed Sound is a sharp, fairly intricate work. The idea of sound comes from the huge speaker-shape that takes up the middle of the work, pointing towards the left. Beneath it, a cache of precisely-stored data, which is presumed by the title to be sound, not yet ready to be expelled through the speaker into the bright red world beyond. And finally of note, Wave into Tower maintains an extremely simple composition, just one contour of ripple waves and one tower through which they flow, continuously. The green-and-yellow waves become a pale pink and black as they pass through the tower, swapping positions between dark and light as well, which is surprising at first glance. Please enjoy!

Carrier of Compressed Sound

Converting Forms of Energy

Enclosed Bunker

Ether Channels

Ignoring the Light Side

Took Shine

Wave Into Tower