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MAFE - Modern Art Feelings Exploration

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This collection deals loosely with the dual themes of having feelings and exploring feelings, as well as just feeling like exploring in general. Hitting both of those themes is Relaxed Girder, a simple and straightforward work in a tried but true compositional archetype. Instead of dropping down to control, this time the black figure at the top of the column is simply moving on its own power, casting a shadow beneath itself as it flies into the red beyond, not disturbing its surroundings. Big Fat Hand uses an interesting suite of colors to complement its evocative design. A bulbous black blob takes up the rightmost portion of the image, protrusions like fingers coming off of it and extending somewhat onto the white structures with matching contours. The orange background, transitioning into red and then green towards the bottom of the image, contrasts with the blue highlights on the hand, but leaves the exact purpose and tone of the work deliberately unclear. Anxious Recline is highly abstract, as befits the feeling of anxiety. The work's contour in general seems to imply a til, and the central black figure with white dust speckles inside of it does seem to have eyes, and is leaning back on that recline. But its eyes are open, and watery, and weak of shape; no part of this image is truly at peace, all of it restless, waiting for something to happen despite its benign color palette. Broken Into the System is extremely abstract, taking the fairly common black-blobby-tubes archetype and flipping its polarity and sharpness. Here, the tubes are repurposed into shadows for tiny thin lines and cracks that connect the various areas of the work together like a network. If the magenta areas represent core functions, then the yellow areas represent intruders, which have a clear path to all of it. But my personal favorite work this week is Wave Eye, a work completely made out of ripple waves, converging in the center to form a massive circular burst which looks straight outwards with power and control, siphoning out the passionate orange-red from the sides of the image and becoming a pensive green and blue-cyan. As a whole the work is cohesive and effective. Please enjoy!

Anxious Recline

Big Fat Hand

Broken Into the System


Increasingly Dustlike

Relaxed Glider

Sluglug Outside

Wave Eye