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One of my overall favorite collections in a while, this collection shows off several works of similar archetypes which appear relatively uncommonly elsewhere in this gallery: works that are largely featureless, and thus which flourish through only their color choice, texture, and lighting. The purest example of this is Rough Shine. The work is entirely a bluish purple, with a bright white spot towards the center fading into darkness towards the sides. A somewhat rough texture filled with circles, fading away with an almost wavelike impression as it gets further away from the center. Inherently the work is meaningless, yet its simplicity allows it to focus on other aspects of its art, which brings it towards excellence. The other representative of the most common manifestation of this archetype is Embodiment of Sound, which is fundamentally two-toned, with a different color emphasized in the center compared to its borders. Compositionally, it's as simple as expected, but it sets itself apart from the others of its archetype by means of the horizontal line that cuts the work into two parts with different texturing styles - much more digital above the line, and rough below. The work's title is derived from the blue dots in the center of the image, that, taken together, evoke the imagery of an audio visualizer. Shiny Screen is exceedingly bare-bones, with very little variance in texture or lighting across the work. Vertically, there is a transition from light to dark, which proceeds at a somewhat uneven rate across the image; the two strong horizontal bars at the top of the image serve as an anchor, perhaps from which the rest of the work hangs - which would explain the lighting. Textured Texture integrates ripple waves and vertical lines, and manages to be the second most interesting work in this collection despite containing only those two things. The vertical lines here are less like they are typically used, and moreso make up the texture of the work by themselves; the ripple waves that flow through them and bounce off end up adding expressive color and giving the impression of depth. This work is a fantastic example of how fine the line is between simple simplicity and wild activity. But the most interesting work in this collection, only so through its uniqueness, is Glint on Scales, a truly unique work on every possible level. For starters, this picture isn't really of a screen like every other work in this gallery - the monitor that is its subject is turned off, and isn't broken. Rather, this scale-like texture is set across the monitor's entire screen. Experiments found it to be impossible to remove, and I have no idea how it came to be in the first place. This is likely the only work of its kind that will ever be displayed in this gallery, and for that it deserves its position as the focal work of this collection. Please enjoy!

Corp 50 Years

Dripping Away Interpretation

Embodiment of Sound

Glint on Scales

Rough Shine

Shiny Screen

Textured Texture

The Important Quadrant