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MADO - Modern Art Directed Outwards

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The theme here is somewhat hazy, failing to ultimately unify all the works in this collection. But that happens sometimes; the works need to be considered individually for best results. Starting off, Propelled by Past has a strong sense of motion, largely given by the curves in the central black figure's design. It seems to sweep from the right towards the left, followed by a fairly homogeneous pink foreground, vertical lines becoming more common as they get closer to the figure. And then, on the other side, emptiness, and horizontal lines that fade away as if far off in the distance; they symbolize the future in the metaphor that is this work. Reach to the Top is refreshingly straightforward and simple in composition. A black figure is comprised of a bulbous torso, a head sticking out on top of it, and extremely long arms that reach up an incline and across its roof. Exactly what this incline is supposed to represent, and why the figure needs to do what it is doing, is left to the viewer's interpretation. Naive Expeditiousness is clean and precise, and its sole act as far as color is concerned is to contrast a pale yellow background with purplish highlights in the foreground. The subject of this work is in the center, a figure with an appendage reaching from its head towards the bottom, all the way towards the top of the image. The figure looks boldly forward, pointing, and moving away from the safe structure behind it, towards the unknown. Clinging Around is similarly precise, using vertical and horizontal lines as just a background element, and devoting the entire foreground to a black negative-space subject. From a center, thin appendages reach out to the corners of the work, grabbing on to edges, providing stabilization and, assumedly, allowing the figure to move from one place to another. And finally of note, Ready for the World is bright and optimistic, in an uncertain sort of way. The archetype it follows is familar, a single figure towards the corner of the image looking out towards a vast, empty expanse ahead. But the figure's body language, combined with the inviting, adventurous orange color and very subtle lighting of the background - the horizon - gives the work its charm and emotion. Please enjoy!

Clinging Around

Frozen While Moving

Incline Gather

Naive Expeditiousness

Propelled By Past

Pulling A Kid Along

Reach to the Top

Ready for the World