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FDMA7 - Full Digital Modern Art 7

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Carrying on the FDMA tradition (1 2 3 4 5 6), all the works in this collection come from the same erratically malfunctioning source monitor. This collection is somewhat more variable in style than many of its predecessors, however, with more unique differentiation between works. Starting off, Rustic Beams is typical of its collection's style, focusing entirely on horizontal bars to the exclusion of all else, and adding no extra detail besides simple shading and texturing. The particular color choices here, a deep blue next to a somewhat pale magenta and rust, help to give the impression of age that the work's title implies. Rows Upon Rows is focused around horizontal bars on a wide structural level, but fills those with tight, consistent vertical sections, resembling the books stacked on a bookshelf. This particular bookshelf is extremely well-organized - heights match, spines match, and different rows of the shelf are meticulously lined up next to each other. Careful Sky-Tunnel incorporates almost no horizontal bars at all, instead outlining the top and bottom of a passage from one edge of the work to the other. The work overall is tightly and intelligently composed, with even the passage itself maintaining some level of personality by fading in width and reflection from one side to the other. Puzzles is a somewhat more intricate work, combining a repetitive design with a tight ripple wave. The design becomes more concrete, darker, when the wave reaches its strongest point. Embedded at multiple heights on the repetitive design are sets of vertical lines, and implications of horizontal lines and strange sections, designating a puzzle to be solved with each of them. But my personal favorite work this week is Barcode Swirl, a remarkably straightforward work. Six barcode-like fixtures are arranged around the work, with a huge, spiraling ripple wave swirling in the center. It encompasses the topmost bar code, taking control of it, though whether the ripple wave in this picture represents sentient thought is up for debate. Please enjoy!

Barcode Swirl

Brink Banners

Careful Sky-Tunnel

Mutation of Civilization


Rows Upon Rows

Rustic Beams

Unridged Bars