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MAAM - Modern Art Adventurous Momentum

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This collection encourages adventure, and movement for that purpose. It displays the parts of the adventure, the motivations, and the process of movement. Starting off, Gently Tugged Onwards is fairly passive and relaxed. Two large elements usually used as structures - the big triangle-shaped objects with the vertical lines embedded in them - move slowly forwards, as indicated by the thick horizontal bars in the background. But one of them, the one in front, is grabbed by a hand from the bottom-right, and urged to continue forward despite difficulty. Promises of Motion is a work that seems to be very active while also being yet still. Waves permeate the work, showing their cyan tint in the right half of the work and instead covering in shadow on the left. The black figure in the top right, many-limbed, seems raring to go, each limb pointing in a different direction and each extended in activity, but it waits with patience. Base on Mars is simple, using predominantly black to represent the surface and underground of the planet, and orange to represent the sky and horizon. At some point, an unnatural bulb pops up, a circle with a yellow line serving as a cross-section, and black spikes to the sky emerging where it meets the edge. The entrance to the base, a domed safe home on a hostile planet. War Off in the Distance is murky and foggy in the background, but crisp and clear in the foreground. Said foreground is benign and relaxed, if perhaps a bit tense, reacting to the activity visible in the background. The horizontal bars and vertical lines in the faint background seem to either block off the violence from the foreground, protecting it, or to be signs of the violence themselves. The rest is left to the viewer's interpretation. But my personal favorite work this week is Crawling Observers, which skillfully contrasts a yellow background against purple and violet highlights. Several black figures with many legs crawl on the yellow surfaces, some helping each other around, surveying. The big continuous surface of the bottom-left half of the image overlaps another hill facing in the opposite direction on the opposite side, which in turn overlaps a farther-away background of bluish-gray; it is here where these observers may be headed. Please enjoy!

Base on Mars

Chasm Vista

Crawling Observers

Gently Tugged Onwards

Grains and Grids

Promises of Motion

War Off In the Distance

Your Choice of Lines