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FBMA - Fairly Benign Modern Art

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These works are, by and large, relatively harmless; playful or lighthearted observations, or simple works with no deep implications. Starting off, Clean Land is the most compositionally simple work in the collection, a straightforward green area contrasted against an orange background from which it is separated by a smooth yet jagged-edged river of black. The blue tinge of some of the black rivulets makes them look like rivers, which furthers the 'land' metaphor. Next, Powder Plant is bright yet contained, using differences in texture to make itself most interesting. The top-right portion is flat, whereas the inside of the work uses dithered dust of various shades and consistencies, cleanly separated as is important for the hygiene of the paint, but matching, as though to be used in combination. Water-Fueled Illumination is optimistic and bright, a yellow background complimented by a white and cyan foreground. The pool of cyan at the bottom is connected to the network of horizontal and vertical lines that sparsely crisscross the background, providing them fuel and energy. Sentiments Conferred Ephemereally uses shading and contours, focusing on highlighted dust and the gaps between. But unlike other works with this same compositional archetype, colorful ripple waves flow through the central island in this work, giving the impression of motion that is absent from other such works, and giving feeling to the otherwise-monochrome work. But my personal favorite work this week is Unsettling Flowers in Bloom, which uses an unusual shade of red contrasted with a dark cyan, using an even more unusual shading style. The biggest flower, towards the left, radiates outwards with a cyan center, the same color as the background, thus helping to create a connection between the two elements. Meanwhile, another flower, viewed from a different angle, lies along the bottom of the image. Please enjoy!

Clean Land

Conversations in Sew

Powder Paint

Sentiments Conferred Ephemereally

Tending a Small Garden

Unsettling Flowers In Bloom

Walled Relaxation

Water-Fueled Illumination