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LAMA2 - Leadership Attempts Modern Art 2

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Like the first LAMA, this collection emphasizes attempts to assert leadership, either successfully or unsuccessfully. Starting off, Overlord is an intricate work with a focus on a many-armed figure, reaching and controlling in all directions. The arms are jagged, drooping, manipulating like a micromanaging control freak; but, following the left and right sides, this approach seems to be successful. Soon, the central white area will also be subsumed. Decrying Color is fairly straightforward; a black figure, draing contrast to itself by being so utterly devoid of color, points accusingly forward. Around him, many colors - yellow, green, magenta, blue - all of which should be null, pure, like the area just below the figure's finger. One Towers Above Them All is bright sky blue, and is sparse compared to most of the works in this collection, featuring only one prominent figure. This figure is thin, but it spikes up from above the cover of whiteness, into the sky, asserting its power over the rabble at its feet. Controlled and Silent uses thin, bright lines to draw out a figure in the top-left, and that figure points forwards, subsuming most of the work. That which it doesn't ripples away in a wave, with a crisscrossing digital texture; unstable and ripe for the conquest, in contrast to the uniformly black area already controlled by the figure. But my personal favorite work this week is Firebird's Wrath, which succeeds the design archetypes of such works as Lightning Birds, but uses a different color scheme. This time, the bird is one of fire, a grand and awesome creature towards the left side of the work, unleashing a wave of heat across the work towards the right. The bird's power is solidifed by the multiple layers of aura-like vertical lines that surround it, divided by curved cracks. Please enjoy!

Assert Control and Structure

Controlled and Silent

Decrying Color

Firebird's Wrath

Nurturing a Manipulator

One Towers Above Them All


Shapers of the Greats